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Mark Griffin has been serving with grace for over three decades.  His heart is to build up people, in leadership, in business, in the local church, wherever he can encourage; bringing transformation, hope and declaring life as he travels. 

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"As personal friends of Mark and Tammy, Ann and I highly respect them as Spirit-led followers of Jesus.  Whenever I have had the privilege to sit under his ministry, God has used him to speak powerfully into my life. His down-to-earth, humourous style, coupled with his sensitivity to the leading of the Holy  Spirit, makes Mark's ministry extremely effective."  

Ron Mainse - Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries


"Mark and Tammy Griffin have made a very significant deposit in my life and ministry.  They walk very close to God's heart, with humility and genuine love.  They flow in wisdom and revelation that only comes from a deep friendship with the Holy Spirit and study of scripture.  Their ministry is world class and their friendship is a treasure in my life. If you have the opportunity to spend time with them, take it!  You will find yourself inspired, activated and equipped. They are some of my favorite people and I am sure they will become yours too!"

Laura Woodley Osman - Author, Recording Artist


"I have known Mark and Tammy Griffin for over twenty years and in that time have witnessed their passion, fruitfulness and genuine hunger to see lives transformed, churches strengthened and the kingdom of God extended.  They are a unique couple with a God-centred ministry that is bearing fruit locally, nationally and all over the world.  I commend them to you as I know that their ministry will be a blessing to your church and will strengthen every believer giving new fuel for their vision and kingdom extension."

Martin Steel, Senior Pastor, Harbourside Church, New Zealand


“I have known Mark for a number of years and he has been coming to our church regularly for over a decade.  Mark is a builder, not only a bless-er.  He has helped to build our body year after year through the Word, the Presence of God, and the relationships he has developed with our leadership team and our church family.  He is strongly prophetic and understands what the church needs to move to the next level. His Apostolic nature mobilizes the body for action instead of reaction and has the ability to launch you into your kingdom purpose.”   

Randy Cox - Lead Pastor, Dream Centre, Burk’s Falls, ON


“I have known Mark Griffin for 25 years. I have seen him function in a number of different roles; Denominational leader, Youth Pastor, Senior of a large and growing church.  In all of those roles he as exercised outstanding leadership with a prophetic edge.  His communication skills are totally outstanding. His life is one of wholesome integrity.  When you receive Mark you receive not just information but someone who carry's with him the revelation of God, prophetic insights with powerfully anointed communication from the heart and mind of the Lord.  He has shown great consistency, integrity and a life and family who are committed to the cause of Jesus for this generation.”  

Ian Green - Founder of Next Level International (Now Eleviva) & Proton Foundation, IanGreen.Org


“I have known Mark since 1983. He was a student at Bible College while I was on staff there. While serving as District Superintendent he was elected to work with our team of district leaders and we spent three years together in the 90’s. If I could characterize him and his ministry in a word it would be the word “more”. He has always wanted more of God for himself and others. Mark has always had a hunger and a passion for God that has typified his more than 20 years of ministry experience. He is very intentional and strategic in his delivery. He carefully uses humour and yet remains uncompromising in his exposition of the word to encourage listeners in developing that same desire for God that has marked his life and ministry.
Mark has a heart for Pastors, leaders and churches and has served all of them well through the district office and as a staff member and senior pastor. Over our many years of interaction I have been most impressed by his absolute commitment to Tammy, his wife, and their children. His family are very important to him and his desire for the best of God for them contributes to his spiritual priorities and I believe enhances his ministry to both the churched and the non-churched.”  

Dr. Bill Morrow - Former President of Master’s College and Seminary and Former General Superintendent of the PAOC.

“Mark Griffin has been known to me personally for the last nineteen years. His strong apostolic and prophetic gifting would be a great blessing to any church or conference that would invite him.  His gifting would certainly take your church to a higher level. In my opinion his 'breaker' anointing would not only effect your church but would also effect the region. As things are changed in the spirit realm so then they change in the natural.  Mark Griffin is a man of the highest integrity and walks in complete and utter righteousness.” 

Clive Pick - Author, Speaker


”Mark speaks from the Word of God in a very real sense. He opens it up to the audience in a manner that brings its truth to the forefront. He's passionate about teaching, it's obvious, and when you combine that passion with a sense of expectancy that God is coming to change people's lives...”   

Mark Colwell - Youth Director, PAOC - Western Ontario District


”Mark Griffin is an encourager set among the Church to see the Kingdom purposes of the Lord advance!

I realized that powerfully the first time I met Mark in 1997...He was then leading the charge among youth ministries across western Ontario.  I made note of this young man who seemed to "have a handle" on what the Lord was doing...and a prophetic expectation of what the Lord desires to do in this nation of Canada and beyond!   As the years have moved along there have been many more opportunities to observe Mark's heart, skill, commitment to Christ, and caring concern for ministries.  Mark and Tammy have exemplified applying kingdom principles of love, honour, and respect among their colleagues.  This ministry is one which "builds up" by sharing the "now" word of the Lord rooted deeply in scriptural savvy! They know the Lord and His ways and are skilled to share!  You will be enriched and edified by this ministry.”   

Peggy Kennedy - Two Silver Trumpets


"From the 30+ years that I have known Mark "authentic", "passionate", "Spirit-empowered" are words that come to mind as characteristics of his life and ministry. With passion and transparency Mark consistently

seeks, with the Spirit's power to call churches and individuals to be all that God wants them to be. Oh yes, a heads up, he doesn't hold back and he'll encourage those he engages in speaking or consultation to also

put it all on the line.”   

David Wells - General Superintendent, PAOC


"For years Kathy and I along with our 3 children had the privilege to have Mark Griffin as our senior Pastor. The main reason why we moved to Grimsby was to attend Lakemount Worship Center where Mark had faithfully pastored for several years.  Under his leadership the church grew to be vibrant, it experienced spiritual and numerical growth and our family was truly blessed.

    Unforgettable…Sore sides from laughter, tearful eyes and lumps in the throat are common experiences for those in attendance when Mark preaches.  I have seen and experienced that under Mark’s ministry people draw closer to God and to each other, healing is experienced, and lives are changed forever. I have not known many that have Mark’s ability to convey the applicable riches of God’s word in such an engaging way.  Always timely, sometimes irreverently proper, captivating, humorous, highly impacting, welcoming mid-course direction changes by the Spirit of God are all standards under Mark’s ministry.

    As Mark sets out on opportunities to minister in different settings we pray that the mighty presence of God we experienced through his ministry will be a great blessing to you and your congregation.”  

Reynold Mainse - Founder and President of World Embrace / Heaven’s Rehearsal

"We felt very humbled by the wisdom and mentoring skills of Mark - so understated that you hardly knew he was mentoring you until afterwards when you found yourself thinking over what he had said, and realising that he had quietly put his finger on some very crucial points whilst also providing constructive tips on how to bring about change . I know we will be working through some of his teaching and observations in the leadership and on into the church at large."

Bob & Jan Bennett, Pastors, Haven House, Hemel Hempstead, UK

 Ron Mainse

Laura Woodley Osman

 Martin Steel

 Randy Cox

 Ian Green

 Bill Morrow

 Clive Pick


 Peggy Kennedy

 Dave Wells

 Reynold Mainse

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