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Multiplication & Transformation

Mark   Griffin   Communications


Mark has been an international traveling communicator for three decades. In the last decade, Mark has ghost-written six books, numerous articles and websites and hundreds of scripts for television.  Mark can communicate with profound results for your organization, church, business or school. Mark can also coach you to communicate more effectively whatever platform you prefer; verbally, in print media, web, or vIdeo. 


With a background in personal coaching Mark wants to help you and everyone you're associated with be the best version of themselves they can be.  Seldom does a business or organization need a huge overhaul; more often they need a fine-tuning, a shift, a change of mindset to take things to the next level.  Effective coaching will assist you to transform your environment.  Mark wants to help you facilitate the optimal destiny of every employee in your organization, coaching them towards both personal & team excellence!


With over 30 years of leading organizations, Mark has a passion to consult and assist by evaluating, interviewing and working with teams to bring the best possible results.  Mark is pleased to partner with you to encourage and evaluate your current structure, systems and staff ensuring the success of your organization, business or church.. Mark has consulted and helped influence hundreds of leaders in the last three decades with gentle and gracious but confident and direct dialogue.

Mark has recently co-written a book with a wonderful east-coast gentleman, Tony Bussey. You will be inspired by his story!

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The destructive Fort McMurray wildfire of 2016 precipitated the largest evacuation in Canadian history. Tony Bussey tells the story of how the evacuation served as a wake-up call that challenged him to make immediate changes. Weighing 567 pounds he was so large that he needed two seats to be evacuated, potentially taking a seat from another resident fleeing the tragedy. That’s when he said, “Enough!” The skillful story-telling of this charming East-coast gentleman will inspire and challenge you. His heart-warming tale describes losing 337 pounds in a powerful journey to permanently change his lifestyle.


With an irrepressible sense of humour, an ethos of joy and vitality, Mark Griffin has been serving graciously for over three decades; in organizations, schools, businesses and churches.  His heart is to build people in leadership, in the workplace, in the arts, family, government, media, education, and in the local church, hoping to foster life and creativity wherever he can...bringing hope and encouragement speaking and declaring "life." Mark is working full-time with the Global Recordings Network (GRN) Canada, but is still pleased to facilitate speaking engagements where he can share about the wonderful work of this exceptional organization. 


Mark Griffin

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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