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  Book Writing

If you can sit down and have a conversation, Mark can help you write a book!  Initially, he would be delighted to dialogue with you to formulate an outline.  Then, interviewing over a number of days, Mark asks questions to ascertain book content.  Within 1 - 3 months, you have a finished product!

Relational Support

Leadership is a difficult and often lonely road.  Teachers, leaders, managers, directors and CEO's need support and consistent encouragement. Mark is someone who understands leadership, tough decisions, organizational evaluation and restructuring and what it really costs. He is especially gifted in helping with transition seasons.

  Editing / Proofing

Mark has an uncanny ability to proof-read and edit copy and, if needed, he can add essential touches to bring it to life!  With 6 books under his belt as well as hundreds of scripts and articles, Mark has a special skill set to capture your thoughts, your heart and your passion and share it most effectively; websites, articles, social media; any platform is possible!

Coaching Support

In organizations where members aspire to be the best they can be, fulfilled and filled with purpose, the bottom line and organizational mission prospers. Destiny facilitation within the confines of job descriptions, organizational structure and purpose brings great success. Mark is a certified coach.


With involvement in hundreds of conferences globally, Mark has seen people, organizations, schools, companies and churches transformed with practical, consistent application and implementation. A conference can bring synergy and momentum for a new season or direction. Perhaps Mark could help keynote your conference to move your vision ahead quickly and effectively?

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but that's not necessarily the real problem that slows momentum.  When various assessment tools find different problems, could it be that the metrics are incorrect? Could the problem be emotive, spiritual or some other "invisible" entity?

Board Retreats

United, synergistic leadership teams can change the course of an organization almost instantaneously. If the influencers, the movers and shakers are together, the culture and results can see instantaneous transformation, from the inside out! A leadership retreat can unify and inspire a team very quickly!

Staff Retreats

The team with boots on the ground implement operational transformation in harmony with the visionary leaders.  They can serve as automated robots or as genuine team players.  The team that plays well together, learns and grows together, instantaneously becomes like an effective and finely tuned orchestra.

Themed "Weekends"

Still a favourite among schools, businesses and churches, a few days away (weekend or midweek) can change the atmosphere, the ethos, the morale of a group virtually overnight. Training has time to become "work-shopped", hands-on learning which can be immediately implemented. 

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