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If you're looking for business as usual, you've come to the wrong place.  If, however, you are looking for something fresh, innovative and strategic, something truly TRANSFORMATIONAL fostering LIFE and MULTIPLICATION, you're precisely where you need to be.  With a variety of services offered hopefully you can find the help you need to build your team, to strengthen your church or workplace.  We are delighted to serve you in any capacity you might need!

From a posture of humour, creativity and fun, Mark Griffin has been serving for over three decades in every province of Canada, all over the United States, Europe and Australia.  His heart is to develop and encourage people in leadership, in relationship, in networking, in business, in the local church, in organizations; wherever he can facilitate destiny, bringing hope, declaring life. 


Mark has been married since 1988 and has four kids living here in Canada; one of the "kids" currently lives in Calgary, Alberta; another is married and living in Kelowna, British Columbia; one is close to home in Hamilton, Ontario; the youngest is still living at home, studying in high school. Prior to settling in Calgary for three years the family spent four adventurous years living and ministering in Germany. Mark has spent the entirety of his career as a vocational minister and coach; traveling, speaking, pastoring, training leaders, helping plant churches and doing missions. Mark has also been a ghost-writer authoring 6 books and many scripts for television. In the summer of 2017 Mark began to travel full-time once again - something that has been a pleasure and passion of Mark's since his earliest days of work and ministry.  Having a family history filled with Southern-Ontario circuit riding preachers Mark's heart has been pleased to travel and serve in this current season.



The Griffin family emigrated to America in the 1630's from Wales, settling initially in the Chesapeake Bay area then later in Flushing, NY. During the next 150 years this pioneer Quaker family moved north to Pennsylvania and then further north to the Canadian frontier as United Empire Loyalists, claiming loyalty to the King. While founding the Ontario communities of Smithville and Waterdown the Griffin family was active in the underground railroad assisting many slaves to freedom.  The family was also blessed to see dozens of Baptist and Methodist ministers sent into ministry, many successful business owners, doctors, farmers, lawyers, and a number of politicians as well.  Ancestor Walter H. Griffin was involved in the world's first long-distance telephone calls between Mt. Pleasant (Brantford) and Paris, Ontario. Mr. Griffin was directly involved in those calls since at that time he operated the telegraph office which furnished the power supply and telegraph lines to facilitate pioneer telephone technology for Dr. Alexander Graham Bell.

Teenager George Griffin (Mark's grandfather) soon moved back to Canada where he pioneered his first church at age 17. The boy preacher preached on the streets of Brantford and the beaches of Lake Erie before going off to Bible College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. George B. Griffin had a fruitful ministry teaching for decades at a denominational bible school (EPBC) and years of pastoral ministry. 


Murray Griffin, Mark's father, an incredible musician, also pastored for nearly four decades before retiring from full-time service. Mark's maternal grandfather, John Gresko emigrated from Slovakia in the 1920's. He found faith after reading a Gospel of John handed to him while disembarking a boat in Montreal. He was impacted by the scripture while journeying on a train cross-country; he confessed his faith in God with no one to speak to him except the Bible itself. Upon his later employment in Hamilton, ON he also planted a church.

The Griffin name has become synonymous with church planting and leadership in the last 250 years.  Mark's ministry reflects the peace and joy that typifies ancestral Griffin gentlemen, a disarming sense of humour coupled with a strong teaching gift to navigate the scriptural foundations of newly planted churches.  His communication is often described as "refreshing" and "authentic" because of his conversational delivery and story-telling, illustrative teaching style.


Mark would be delighted to serve you, your business, church or organization any time.  

Mark and family currently attend Kingsview Community Church in Stoney Creek, Ontario.
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Mark Griffin
Communicator, Coach, Consultant