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Mark Griffin is a Pastor who is currently serving as the Executive Director of Global Recordings Network Canada. You can find much more information about GRN on the Downloadables page. He has also ministered as a traveling speaker for more than three decades throughout various regions including every province of Canada, the US, Europe, and Australia, focusing on clear and compassionate communication. Through the use of  KeyNote/PowerPoint presentations, he successfully communicates in a concise and efficient manner. He inspires individuals in leadership, church, partnerships, networking, and other contexts to reach their maximum potential and encourages faith through uplifting biblical teaching.

Mark's family has been his most important ministry. He has been devoted to his lovely wife for more than 30 years. He has four wonderful adult children. 

In the 1630s, the Griffin family moved from Wales to Chesapeake Bay and then Flushing, New York. Over the next 150 years, this pioneering Quaker family went north to Pennsylvania and then to the Canadian frontier as United Empire Loyalists, swearing loyalty to the King. Griffins founded Smithville and Waterdown, Ontario. A key underground railroad player, the Griffin family helped several slaves escape.The family produced Baptist and Methodist pastors, business people, doctors, farmers, lawyers, and politicians.

Walter H. Griffin, an ancestor, participated in the first long-distance phone calls between Mt. Pleasant (Brantford) and Paris, Ontario. Mr. Griffin handled the telegraph office, providing a power supply and telegraph wires to Dr. Alexander Graham Bell's early telephone equipment; he was actively involved in the first long-distance phone call. 


Mark's grandfather's and father were Pastors. George B. Griffin was a Pastor and a Teacher at the Bible College.  Mark's other grandfather, John Gresko, planted the Slavic Church in Hamilton, Ontario and pastored there for many years.  Mark's father, Murray Griffin also pastored for many years. Mark has a rich Christian heritage which is very precious to him.

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