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“I have known Mark Griffin for 25 years. I have seen him function in a number of different roles; Denominational leader, Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor of a large and growing church.  In all of those roles he as exercised outstanding leadership with a prophetic edge.  His communication skills are totally outstanding. His life is one of wholesome integrity.  When you receive Mark you receive not just information, but someone who carry's with him the revelation of God, prophetic insights with powerfully anointed communication from the heart and mind of the Lord.  He has shown great consistency, integrity and a life and family who are committed to the cause of Jesus for this generation.”  
Ian Green of

"For years Kathy and I along with our 3 children had the privilege to have Mark Griffin as our senior Pastor. The main reason why we moved to Grimsby was to attend Lakemount Worship Center where Mark had faithfully pastored for several years.  Under his leadership the church grew to be vibrant, it experienced spiritual and numerical growth and our family was truly blessed.

    Unforgettable…Sore sides from laughter, tearful eyes and lumps in the throat are common experiences for those in attendance when Mark preaches.  I have seen and experienced that under Mark’s ministry people draw closer to God and to each other, healing is experienced, and lives are changed forever. I have not known many that have Mark’s ability to convey the applicable riches of God’s word in such an engaging way.  Always timely, sometimes irreverently proper, captivating, humorous, highly impacting, welcoming mid-course direction changes by the Spirit of God are all standards under Mark’s ministry.

    As Mark sets out on opportunities to minister in different settings we pray that the mighty presence of God we exprienced through his ministry will be a great blessing to you and your congregation.”  

Reynold Mainse, President of World Embrace - A Charity in Gulu, Uganda, transforming a city with love and kindness
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